Flood at Shekou Seaworld

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Today we lost a lot of great bars and restaurants due to flooding of the Shekou Seaworld Square. The area below the ship was filled with water to the top of the signs in a flash flood around 2am Sunday morning. So far we have not heard of casualties. Divers were sent in to break the windows of the venues looking for people trapped inside. The water was slowly being pumped out of the square. Over near the Taizi hotel we saw an underground parking lot full of water and heavy concrete barriers that were over turned as if a river of water had come down from the mountain and ended up in the Sea world basin. It should be a while before the mess is cleaned up and anyone can be back in business. If you have any more information about this incident please post a comment. If you have any more pictures please send us an email and we will post them in the Shekou Seaworld flood picture gallery.


It is awful and I am very

It is awful and I am very sorry to hear about this news. Hope everything is getting well soon again...

I'm so sad to see that this

I'm so sad to see that this happened! We have so many great memories from different meals we've had down there. You can be certain that as soon as the restaurants open back up we will be there to show our support!

Hi everybody, just I wonder

Hi everybody,

just I wonder why the local fire brigade didn't show up earlier? Why did the drainage system not work? Everybody knew that there is heavy rain coming and together with it the possibilities for a flood. Where are the responsible people of Sea World Shekou? Maybe somebody is very happy now that this has happened. I feel terribly sorry for those who lost their future, jobs and business. I remember very well the nice atmosphere in Sea World.

Sorry folks and sad to say, that's China!

I wish everybody strength and I hope many people will support Sea World tenants.



Hi Toni, I agreed what you

Hi Toni, I agreed what you said we need watch it up very carefully since the heavy raining start , and the security man should take the resposbility to keep this place safe..but nobody can protect it happend so sadly...

when i read the news in SZ daily.I feel so sad.....Such nice beautiful looks like what !!!! Huge lost for us..

just feel sad !!

Chinese Girl

I am one of the affected

I am one of the affected restaurant owners in Sea World and thank everyone for their support - the amount of emails, SMS messages and phone calls we have received has given us great strentgh and purpose.

This was not a natural disaster as Honlux want everyone to believe - moreso it was a disaster of Chinese planning - pump electrical supply too close to the waterline and no diesel generator backup for a site that is below sea level.

The fight for justice and compensation has only just begun. We want to reopen in the square as we have a great customer support base of Chinese and foreigners plus a fantasic staff who put their future in our hands.

Please do not let this issue die off - if we do not get adequate compensation there will be more protest demonstrations similar to yesterday but involving a lot more people !!

Thanks for the support!

I believe nobody would be

I believe nobody would be happy since this happened!!

A Chinese girl,who has lived in Shekou for more than 20years

It's pity... I am from

It's pity... I am from Mexico. I stayed in Shenzhen for almost 2 months in the end of last year. I have great memories from Seaworld and feel very sad to hear these news.

I know that Chinese are strong and will get over this tragedy!

I also feel with the

I also feel with the tenants. I was there that night when it happened trapped in another bar.
Force of water was so intense there was nothing what the fire brigade could have done without putting their own life in danger. Luckily it all happened after 2 am.
With that amount of water the pump system was in my eyes doomed to fail but I agree with the owners that only a full investigation will tell.
The expat community should keep up the pressure to find a solution that work out for both sides.
Anyway the management should help with a rent exemption for some time.
Beside a swift clean up and renovation and the fight over compensation,
one question remains : Why would I have my business not insured against such disasters knowing my shop/store/bar is below sea level near the shore and beneath a mountain ? Enlighten me please.

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There is another blog

There is another blog posting on this site with some additional updates on the Seaworld situation. The Shenzhen Daily also wrote an article update. Below is also a link to the article in the South China Morning Post but you must be a paid user to access it.

maybe someone should ask

maybe someone should ask China Merchants what happened to the stream that ran off the mountain after they concreted it over and filled in the bay...

I was devasted to hear about

I was devasted to hear about the sad news that Sea World was hit by a flood, but surely the planners and architects would have forseen such a possible tragedy happening and would have built such a defence mechanism in order to prevent such a tragedy happening, i only hope that valuable lessons have been learnt and plans for a future tragedy can now be prevented.
I am happy to learn that no life was lost, i am a regular visitor to Shekou and i have spent many happy hours in The Bars and Restaurants, i am sure Sea World will recover and i will return very soon to support all of you.

Good luck to you all..........Chris from London

It is quite funny - the

It is quite funny - the owner of that Shanghai Noble Tea House owns also the landscape company 'Aoya' that designed the lower plaza (not upper - upper was designed by international company). So - you can all sue that owner for great design with fantastic drainage system……..!!!!!

Hey..holy man..I can't

Hey..holy man..I can't believe Sea world flooded...that is insane...I guess I left China too soon...I would have liked to have gone down there to see how bad it really was...I am so shocked to hear that and I hope that all the businesses that go affected will be able to repair themselves or hopefully it can be opportunity for new things to be thoughts go out to all the restuarant and bar owners affected by this....sorry for your loss...take care everyone!!

sorry to make a negative

sorry to make a negative comment...bars are cool. But a lot of Chinese people died during that same storm. Sorry about your bars and stuff though.

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